Get a job to get a job!

NO one wants a rotten apple or the last apple that is available and that is the same with potential employers.

Look if you are in the job market you have to start thinking like a potential employer. Would you rather hire someone who already has a job or someone that is desperate because no one wants to hire them. The truth is potential employers would rather hire someone that is working already and just looking to get any old job. The paradox is that you have to go get any old job in order to get the job you want

If no one wants to hire you why would the person you want to hire you want to hire you.

Get a job to get job. I wrote an inspirational quote not too long ago that was “ sometimes you have to do what you have to do in order to do what you want to do” That applies here!

Get a job, any job, and then pick an employer you want to work for and start researching what it takes to work there…. and be tenacious.

If you currently have a job, and are looking to better yourself and your situation,

employers will respect that. More often than not people want what other people have. Also you do not seem as desperate to get a job… the potential employer will know that and respect the fact you want to work for them even though you will be okay if they don’t hire you.

Working from a place where you can say to a potential employer that they will be okay without and you will be okay without them, but you will both be better if you work together, shows a real sense of reality and confidence.

Get a job and then work on getting your better job. It makes getting hired so much easier. Know that any job you get id not a forever plan for you or the employer.

I have dedicated my life to making people successful. Starting as a personal fitness trainer and now become a life coach and inspirational/motivational speaker